It's not what it says on the tin

When the opposite is the right way

Res00 | 06-01-2023

1 #Street Food. Why are there 'Street food restaurant'? I thought the whole premise of street food is there aren't any premises. 2# Fast-Track. When everyone takes the fast-track option it’s slower and frustrating. 3# Just a moment. Here we go. Did you remember to pack your toothbrush? 4# It does what it says on the tin. Only if you read the fine print. 5# American Football. The ball rarely touches the foot. 6# ‘Slow cooked’. Instructions: ‘Put in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes.’ 7# Not addictive. It’s not addictive, I played it a thousand times, but I am still not addicted to it. 8# Safe Space. This is a safe space- translation - Go on spill the beans; terrifying words indeed. It doesn't matter what the 'facilitator says' If your gut instinct tells you this isn't a safe space. There's a bunch of very inquisitive chatty people in the room are they going to adhere to the safe space/Vegas pact?